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Early Influences: Grandma Mary's Kitchen

In the heart of Kansas, a place often associated with ruby red slippers, the Wicked Witch, and Toto, Jill’s childhood was infused with the warmth of her beloved Grandma Mary. From her earliest memories, Grandma Mary carved out special moments with Jill, with their fondest times spent in the kitchen, where the magic of baking and cooking unfolded.

Mary Lucille, the namesake of our culinary haven, held a special place in the hearts of her friends and family. For an impressive 62 years, she stood beside her beloved husband, never wavering in her commitment. Her unwavering dedication extended to her church, where she remained a faithful member throughout her life.

Mary Lucille: A Woman of Dedication

But it wasn’t just her longevity in marriage or her church attendance that made Grandma Mary special. It was her garden, a source of immense pride, where she nurtured ingredients that would become the stars of her famous black raspberry pies and jellies. She welcomed all through her kitchen door, where a slice of pie and a cup of fresh coffee awaited every visitor.

At Grandma Mary’s kitchen table, countless souls found solace in her kindness and the sweet treats she lovingly prepared. Laughter, hugs, and the occasional tear all found a place at this table, making it a hub of joy and love.
Grandma Mary’s legacy didn’t stop at pies and jellies. She made sure to impart her culinary wisdom to her grandchildren, including Jill.

Those lessons were more than just recipes; they were a testament to the generosity and warmth that Grandma Mary shared with everyone who crossed her threshold.

Mary Lucilles Bakery
Jill Harris Baker

A Turning Point in 2020

Fast forward to 2020, and Jill found herself at a crossroads when the COVID-19 pandemic took her job. With time on her hands, she turned to her passions: gardening and baking. Soon, the mouthwatering aroma of Grandma Mary’s famous cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls wafted from her kitchen to the delight of friends and neighbors.

As Jill contemplated her future, she decided to follow her heart and pursue a career that aligned with her deepest passions. Her research led her to the cottage license in Georgia, which allowed her to bake at home and share her creations. Her delectable treats garnered a growing fan base, all echoing the same question, “When are you going to open a restaurant?”

The Birth of Mary Lucille's

After much soul-searching and recognizing the love infused into every birte, Jill decided to turn her passion into her livelihood. And what better name for her culinary venture than that of her cherished grandmother, who had been her lifelong inspiration.

Jill’s aspiration for Mary Lucille’s is simple yet profound: to recreate the warmth and love of Grandma Mary’s kitchen table for every guest. Here, you’ll savor exquisite dinners crafted from scratch using Grandma Mary’s cherished recipes. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a feeling of being welcomed into the warmth of family. No matter the hour, you’ll find a hot meal infused with love waiting for you at Mary Lucille’s.

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